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Itinerant Support Staff

Itinerant Support Teachers for Deaf and Hearing Impaired students


Campbelltown East has a team of Itinerant Support Teachers for Deaf and Hearing Impaired students, based in the school grounds.  You won't see us very often because we go to many different schools in the Campbelltown/Macarthur/Wollondilly areas and only come to Campbelltown East for staff meetings and resources.  At this time there are no students at Campbelltown East who are accessing our support.

 We are trained teachers who have done further study in the area of Deaf Education.  We work with students from 3 months up to students in Year 12.  There are 7 members of the team.

We are happy to answer questions about any student who has a hearing loss or a suspected hearing loss.  If you have a question about your own child, you can leave a message at the front office and one of us will get back to you the next time we are at Campbelltown East.  We are not able to test hearing, that is a job the audiologist, but we can send you in the right direction if you want to know where to go for a hearing test.  We may be able to give you some strategies that can help you with your child.

Each year we speak to parents of children who will be starting kindergarten as part of the Kindergarten transition program.

Here are some signs which you can look for if you suspect your child might have a hearing loss.  If you do, the earlier you can get some testing, the more chance you have of assisting your child in his or her education.

Signs that a student may have hearing difficulties:

• does not pay attention and may misbehave

• watches your face carefully

• has difficulty hearing if there is background noise

• cannot locate the source of sounds

• has articulation (speech) errors

• speaks too loudly or softly

• has immature vocabulary

• needs to have things repeated

• turns up the TV or radio

• does not hear or hears inconsistently at a distance

• misunderstands what is said

• has problems with spelling

• cannot tell one sound from another

• cannot hear whispered conversations